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Here's What to Do Next

Congrats on becoming a U.S. citizen! It’s a huge accomplishment. So what now? Here is a simple guide to help you navigate your first steps as a brand-new citizen.

Get Your U.S. Passport

We suggest applying for your passport as soon as possible. Keep in mind – you can’t use your green card to travel anymore because you are no longer a resident. If you travel abroad, you will need a U.S. passport to return to the U.S. The Department of State has been experiencing significant passport-processing delays – months, in many cases. So plan ahead and start early.

Update Your Social Security Info

You will need to update your Social Security number to reflect your new citizen status. Do this by visiting your nearest Social Security Administration office and bring your naturalization certificate or U.S. passport. This will be important when you start a new job or apply for any federal benefits later.

Time to Vote!

Maybe the top benefit of becoming a U.S. citizen? You get to vote now. Register in person, by mail, or next time you renew your driver's license.

Your Kids Might Already Be Citizens Too

If you have children under 18, they might have automatically become U.S. citizens when you did. Schedule a consultation with us to review your child's eligibility so they don’t miss out on this important benefit. If your child acquired U.S. citizenship when you naturalized, you can apply for their U.S. passport right away. It’s important that you also apply for a Certificate of Citizenship from USCIS. This is an additional step (and expense) but important because it is the most “official” record your child can have to prove their U.S. nationality.

Sponsor Your Parents and Siblings

As a green card holder, you were limited to sponsoring your spouse and kids for permanent residence. Now that you are a U.S. citizen, you can also apply to sponsor your mom, dad, and siblings. Need a hand with this? We are here to help!

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